For a FREE sample of this amazing seeded, plantable paper that grows, please provide contact info below.

Grow the response to your Invitations, Business cards, Brochures, Catalogs and other Printing and Marketing materials by more than 50% with Amazing, Growing, Plantable, Seeded, Paper that can Change the World.

Please note that due to the huge demand for these samples we are requesting a minimum $2 Donation to RUSH your sample. Otherwise please be patient as we are currently only able to mail out about 100 samples per week. With 20,000 plus requests I have calculated it will take 6 years to get them all out! (I'm currently working to speed this up, but it will still take a while...) In The meantime if you sign up now I have another great FREE BONUS for you. Sign up above to receive both great offers before I have to close it down for good.

With plantable, seeded, growing papers that are made by hand you can guaranty people will pay attention. when planted they will grow a variety of plants ranging from wildflowers and vegetables to trees. we use 100% recycled and organic fibers. If you need just a few sheets or bulk quantities give us a call. with the capability to custom match colors and produce many different sizes and weights, your paper options are endless. we can also print, emboss, de-boss and die cut this amazing seeded, plantable, growing paper.

Thank you.

Keith "Nickel" Langevin - Foma Publishing, LLC • tel: 323.556.0649 • 8350 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 200, Beverly Hills, CA 90211


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